Event highlights include:

• One-day online forum

• A programme packed with insights from the outside

• Connect with the most senior investment and finance specialists

• Roundtable discussions with Zoom-style face-to-face networking

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Why attend?

The Property Finance and Investment Forum looks ahead and challenges people and organisations to debate the possible futures facing the industry.

Determining a new direction

• We know that new ideas flourish when diverse stakeholder groups are engaged

• We provoke new thinking by bringing insights from the outside

• We offer a platform to challenge assumptions and shape the future agenda

• We are committed to an open and impartial debate

Organised by Property Week Events, our breadth of knowledge and our unparalleled network places us in a unique position to bring together the wider industry to debate the possible futures facing the industry.

Drawing on some of the best minds in the property industry and beyond, we’ll engage our audience with interactive sessions and collaborative exchanges. The value of our forum will derive from both – the active engagement of our specialist audience and the influential thought leadership of our speakers and facilitators.

Who will I meet?

We’ll be reaching out to the most senior finance and investment specialists in the UK commercial and residential property, from institutional investors to traditional and new lenders, from property developers to real estate management firms. And, of course, the policymakers and regulators that influence the market environment. If this is your peer group, please join us.

The agenda

As the leading title in the UK market, we’re well placed to mobilise authoritative and enlightening speakers and facilitators rarely seen on the conference circuit. We’re signing up fire starters, innovators and creative thinkers. People who know better than any how your world works, and those who dream big about how to disrupt it.

Drawn from across your industry and beyond, they’ll be encouraged to engage everyone in discussions, debates and collaborative problem-solving. The PFI one-day conference is enhanced by lunchtime round-table discussions in smaller peer groups, designed to facilitate networking.